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    Magnum™ Indestructo® Tool Case with Wheels and Handle

  • Keeps tools organized and easily accessible
  • No assembly required
  • Rugged construction, designed of high density, HDPE polyethylene
  • Telescoping handle opens to 38" from floor, recesses for convenience into bottom of case
  • Document lid pocket
  • Combination locks included

Wheel your tools and instruments with you on a job, anywhere

This attractive tool case is easy to take on and off buses, cars, airplanes, any vehicles including service trucks. It even fits through subway turnstiles. If you're on the go with your tools, this is the case for you.

Magnum Indestructo Tool Case with Wheels and Handle
Item Number Color Size Additional Info Weight Price 1 - 4 Price 5+
PN 95-8578 Style MDSTY9CART Yellow - 18x15x10 4 top, 6 bottom (ID) 15 lbs #389.00 $379.00
PN 95-8577 Style MDST9CART Black - 18x15x10 4 top, 6 bottom (ID) 15 lbs $378.00 $368.00
PN 95-8579 Style MDST7CART Black - 18x15x8 3.5 top, 4.5 bottom (ID) 15 lbs $367.00 $357.00

Replacement wheels are 09-9001 Replacement telescoping handle is 51-5122 Replacement latches are 09-5899 Replacement carry handle is 09-5886