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Instrument and Product Display Cases

    Laptop Cases

  • Made from the same rugged material used in our Military Ready shipping cases High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Hardware: all black
  • (2) keyed latches
  • (1) double padded steel core handle
  • (1) padlock hasp which accepts authorized TSACL (see TSA information below)
  • (3) foam pads in the base, convoluted foam in the lid

Laptop Cases

As government and security agencies throughout the world react to terrorist threats, transporting laptops and other personal electronic devices is a concern for all individuals. Chicago Case developed a series of 4 cases that provide peace of mind to travelers with important data, from business presentations to family photos, on their electronic devices. Two of our new cases fit the strict carry-on size requirements but also are rugged enough to be checked-in as baggage if needed. Two additional cases can be used as checked baggage. Any of our new cases can be used as shipping containers for laptops or other sensitive personal electronic devices. In these uncertain times being prepared with the right travel case acts as an insurance policy to make sure both you and your important data arrive at your destination.

To help we are including FREE TSA approved locks with any laptop case purchase.

Laptop Cases
Item Number Color Size Additional Info Weight Price 1 - 4 Price 5+
Bstlaptop Black 18 x 13 x 5.5 2 1/2 top, 3 1/2 bottom 8 lbs. Temporarily Unavailable Temporarily Unavailable
Bdstlaptop Black 18 x 14.5 x 6 3 top, 3 1/2 bottom 8.25 lbs. Temporarily Unavailable Temporarily Unavailable

*The most rugged case we make Military Hardware Included (twist latches and spring loaded handle)

TSA padlock and TSA lock Included

NOTE: all cases are available in high visibility yellow on special order.. add $10 to the above prices

Bcoclaptop and Bstlaptop fit most airlines carry-on size requirements
Airport security uses the Travel Sentry(tm) system to recognize baggage they may easily open without damaging locks. The TSA has special codes and tools which allow it to open your TSA lock, inspect the bag, and then relock and send it on its way. These new locks allow travelers the freedom to protect their belongings without interfering with the need for airport security screeners to open bags for inspection.